Confirmation statement filing - what you need to know

Your confirmation statement

Your confirmation statement – previously ‘annual return’ until June 2016 – includes all of the key information about your company or small business. Importantly, this document must be submitted yearly to avoid any penalties.

The purpose of the confirmation statement is to ensure that Companies House has the correct information about your limited company year on year.

For example, if your company has recently changed its registered address, or changed its business name, then the submission of your confirmation statement serves to notify Companies House while bringing all of this information together into one easily accessible document.

Be sure not to confuse your annual financial accounts with your confirmation document. Your confirmation document is a key source of general information for both Companies House and the general public. Opposed to your annual financial accounts, which is a source of financial information only.

Even if you’re sure nothing has changed, or you are not currently trading, the submission of your confirmation statement is important. It is down to the director of the company to submit this document. Without it you can be fined up to 5000 pounds and struck off the Companies House register.

What to include

To avoid this happening be sure to check your previous years details and include the following:

• The company name
• The type of company it is
• The ‘standard industrial classification’ code which displays the type of business you are
• Its registered number
• The register of ‘people with significant control’ (PSC) – ensure this is included the first time your file your confirmation statement!
• A statement of capital
• Shareholder information – names, addresses, public or private
• The details of your registered office
• The nominated address where you keep your company’s records (SAIL)
• The names of the directors and secretaries

However, if changes have occurred to the following they must be detailed in a separate document from your confirmation statement:

• The details of its registered office
• The allocated address where you keep your company’s records
• The names of the directors and secretaries

All of the information you provide on your confirmation statement must be correct up until the ‘made up to’ date. This date is often marked by the anniversary of the incorporation of your company. Or alternatively, by the date upon which you last filed your return.

Don’t get caught out!

With the introduction of the confirmation statement – which was until recently the document of annual return – the rules have been changed. Now you only have 14 days as opposed to 28 to submit your payment from your due date. This date is based upon the previous year’s submission of return.

Top tip: If this is your first time filing your due date is one year and one day from the date of your company’s incorporation.

Although, there is no penalty for late submission failure to submit can result in a 5000 pound fine, and your company being struck off the Companies House Register.

How to file your return?

When the notification that your confirmation statement is due arrives, via email or post, you have two options:

Your confirmation statement can be filled out and sent online for £13 pounds – click here to access the form. Alternatively, it can be filled out by hand and sent via post, directly to Companies House for a fee of £40 pounds.

Top tip: Be sure to update your postal and email addresses if they change. This will make sure you don’t miss the notification. If it fails to arrive as expected contact Companies House directly here.