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Fashion content marketing trends for 2018

As ever, fashion in 2018 will be fast-moving. And just as en vogue styles change according to new trends, your content marketing strategy needs to adapt as well. In 2018 advances in artificial intelligence (AI), shoppable content, and online micromoments will see the cutting-edge fashion industry adapt to the digital revolution. ... Continue Reading

How to define a tone of voice for your business 

See if you can get through the next four sentences without a touch of discomfort: "We strive to adhere to the latest industry standards for each piece of expert content it produces for its clients. We're always chuffed to chat about concocting content that will go the whole nine yards. From multilingual to complex industry copy, we are ideally equipped to meet your requirements. Because if content is king, you could say we're its white horse -- delivering the goods at the right time, and always in style." ... Continue Reading


Why your fashion brand needs evergreen content

Evergreen content – defined as content that isn’t time-sensitive – is an integral part of any content strategy. In an industry as fast-paced as fashion however, it becomes increasingly difficult to produce high quality content that resists going stale in light of emerging trends. ... Continue Reading

Covent Garden soups

How food and drink brands use brand storytelling

People have been telling stories for thousands of years. We grow up with them, share them and tell our own. Good stories can make complex ideas easier to understand and help people relate to new concepts. When it comes to your brand, they show people not just how your business works but why you exist and why consumers should choose you. ... Continue Reading

5 powerful examples of recruitment copywriting

While job seekers have long fretted over the mere six seconds prospective employers spend looking at their CVs, it's now recruiters turn to worry. With bounce rates on career pages as high as 98%  in today's candidate-driven job market grabbing potential talent's attention requires creativity and skill. ... Continue Reading

3 of the best platforms for publishing mobile content

The 2017 mobile usage report from comScores shows that over 60% of users across the world spend more time browsing on mobile devices than desktops. Which means that in order to engage this mobile audience, you need to consider how you target mobile users within your digital marketing strategy. ... Continue Reading

What is evergreen content?

With many brands and companies using social media to share topical bite-size pieces of content, it's easy to forget about arguably the most important form of content: evergreen. Evergreen content is information that doesn't have a use-by date. It remains relevant and useful without the need for constant updates, and acts ... Continue Reading

Localisation, localisation, localisation

Unsure about what localisation is? This guide can help you overcome the challenges of localising your content. Localising your content involves paying particular attention to the language, nuance and tone of the copy, with reference to all of the particular areas around the globe that you operate in. It's very easy to ... Continue Reading

Are you content with your agency?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of B2B marketers have decided that investing in high quality content is the way forward for their business in 2017. It certainly makes sense, as it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to drive valuable traffic and engagement to your website. If you're ... Continue Reading