B2B copywriting

Let your copy do business the right way

Effective B2B copywriting requires extensive research, combined with experience and expertise to clearly communicate your businesses products or services.

B2B sales cycles are typically longer than B2C so its important you make your mark as a trusted industry authority, whether you are selling IT software or consultancy services. WooContent can provide you with thought leader, decision maker content that converts.

Our team of B2B copywriting experts have been carefully selected using our unique recruitment methodology, enabling us to consistently deliver high quality copy at speed and scale. In fact, many of our team have previously worked for businesses in their specialist field. Working with WooContent will give your business a competitive advantage online.

The WOO factor

• Industry specific content that is tailor-made for you
• Multi-lingual copywriters and editors
• Cloud-based technology that streamlines production
• Large projects delivered on time and on budget
• Value added content strategy consultancy

Types of content

We create many different forms of B2B content including:


Whitepapers are a great way to generate leads and position your business as a expert brand that can be trusted. If you have the research, we have the knowhow to create high authority content that resonates with key decision makers.


Producing educational content is a great way to capture emails, raise awareness and initiate engagement with prospective clients. Well-designed E-books not only look great, but are easy to read on the move, ideal for mobile.


Decision makers short of time need easy to digest information that will help them assess potential products or services. We create simple, effective branded fact and data sheets in line with your tone of voice.

Landing pages

Your website is often your first interaction with a potential client, so its imperative you convey your business in a clearly distinguishable manner that sets you apart from your competitors.

Descriptions of products and services

Product and service pages have a key role to play in the consumer decision process, so we write informative copy that is clear and concise with a strong call to action.

Evergreen content

B2B knowledge banks of content will help you become an authority brand in your sector, and also improve your SEO visibility. We produce high quality, mobile-first evergreen content tailored for people and search.

Blog posts

Continually publishing blog content is not only good for SEO, it also provides you with something to share across social media and email. We tailor content with specific goals in mind, with the primary goal to engage your audience.

Press releases

We give your story the voice that it needs to be heard, boasting both national and international coverage for our award-winning press releases.

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