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AB Construction - What we do

We love variety. It’s part of the reason we enjoy our work – one week we can be constructing a growing business’s new headquarters, the next week we’ll be building a new hospital wing, where efficiency and easy of navigation are key.

Whether you’re looking to build, refurbish or extend, we can offer you a competitive deal to get the job done to the highest standards.

Plan for success

Our way of doing things has been honed through years of experience to guarantee the best results every time.

We have developed a project management system that helps us approach planning, specification, scheduling and management in a way that will perfectly fit the requirements of the job. We see project management as not just about scheduling and planning, but also building collaborative relationships that can tackle any challenges that arise during a project. That means choosing the right time to begin work, hiring the right sub-contractors, and staying in constant conversation with all project stakeholders.

When we source materials we don’t just look for the cheapest (or for that matter, the most expensive) materials we can buy, we look at the needs of the development and what materials and resources will best meet those needs.

Built with people

Of course, the most valuable resource for any development is the people that build it, design it and the stakeholders who make it happen. We bring not just experience of the construction industry, but local knowledge of the areas where we work, the market, the culture and the community. So we can tell you not just how to build a building, but how that building will fit onto the high street where it’s placed.

We can build relationships with customers, stakeholders, local communities and the whole supply chain to ensure that our client’s vision becomes a reality.

Take a look at some of our existing and in development projects to see what we’ve already achieved. Even better, get in touch with us by phone or email and find out what we can achieve for you.