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 The HF-500 Digital Push Pull Force Gauge

The HF-500 Digital Push Pull Force Gauge manages an excellent balancing act between price and accuracy, remaining within a sensible budget at just over £100 in price, without compromising on quality. The device is compact, robust and easy to use.

The HF-500 measures up to 500 newtons with only 0.5% margin of error. It offers high resolution and precision readings with a sampling speed that can range from 15 to 480Hz – although some users have reported slightly less accuracy when pushing rather than pulling.

The results are shown in real-time on a clear, backlit LCD display, where you can see your measurements in N, Kgf or LBf, meaning you don’t have to get the calculator out if you have deal with differences in international measurements. It even tells you, using a directional indicator, whether your test is a push or pull test. The display is clear and easy to read, and won’t leave you squinting at the screen.

The gauge uses an RS232 computer interface and software for data download and analysis, and allows you to freely define your own upper and lower limits, which it keeps you informed of through an indicator light and buzzer combination.

It also has an impressive capacity, allowing you to hold up to 800 data sets while letting you automatically calculate minimum, maximum and average values as well as holding and removing the peak value automatically. What’s more, the data is easily accessible with pagination browsing and checking.

Compact, easy to operate and with a long battery life, this is a quality, reliable tool that you’ll be happy to have handy.