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Natural skin care tips for your ideal springtime look

We all want clear, healthy skin, and thankfully we don’t need to compromise on using natural products to keep ourselves looking our best as we head into the time of year to be outside and enjoying the world. Here are four essential tips for keeping your skin in great condition this spring.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best ways to keep both your skin in good condition and keep yourself feeling great. Not only will drinking plenty of water help your skin but it will also help you stay energized throughout the day as the weather starts getting warmer. Drinking plenty of water helps you rid your body of toxins, but you should also apply a moisturizer to hydrate your skin directly.

Exercise Regularly

Try and do enough exercise to build up a sweat every day. Not only will this mean you are able to increase your blood flow allowing more nutrients to reach your skin, but it will also allow you to build up your fitness so you won’t need to worry about being covered in sweat the next time you need to do something physically demanding, just be sure to wash your face afterwards and stay hydrated.


We all have the temptation to stay up a little later. Fight the temptation to stay up late into the night and avoid caffeine for a good few hours before going to bed. Be sure to get your solid 7 hours in and not only will you be helping your skin but you will also be able to reduce your stress levels and feel more awake the next day.

Use Tea Tree Oil to Clear Your Skin

As it starts to warm up you may be worried about getting blemishes on your skin. Well, there are natural ways to avoid this, such as tea tree oil. This can be applied to your face to help clear your skin of blemishes (as well as giving a pleasant scent). Be sure you either get diluted oil or dilute it yourself, as it can cause irritation if applied neat.