Food copywriting

Content that cuts the mustard

Serving up what customers want online as well as on the table can be hugely beneficial for food businesses. Whether it’s information about the food you supply or the restaurants you own, a good website should deliver content that engages and inspires hungry users.

Here at WooContent, we specialise in getting your consumers excited about your food. Our skilled team of writers are experts in their field and have written content across a variety of platforms, from glossy magazines publications, to successful online food blogs. So, if you’re looking for colourful copy about your venue, or even a supplier searching for sumptuous product descriptions, we will create stand-out copy to ensure that your brand or business is always on the boil.

The WOO factor

Your content will be…
• written by industry experts who understand your language
• optimised for people and search (including mobile first and user intent)
• delivered at speed and scale
• multi-lingual if required

Types of content

Some of the popular formats of content that we can produce for you include:

Product descriptions

Your product copy should do more than just describe your products – it should sell them. Which is why we produce irresistible copy that will get your consumers’ taste-buds tingling and inspire click-throughs.

Blog posts

With 90% of people revealing they source recipes online, food blogging can be one of the easiest methods to cook your way to success. So whether you’re looking for guest content from a local foodie, or new and exciting ways to showcase your recipes, we’ll help transform your blog copy into mouth-watering content, ready for sharing on social.

Landing pages

Creating a great landing page is more than just appealing to SEO metrics. We will deliver eye-catching landing pages that are both a feast for the eyes and also provide clear and concise information for you to turn web browsers into valuable customers.

Evergreen content

Whether it’s an article about recommended produce for home cooking, or a run down of the best local eateries, we can write content for you which will receive sustained traffic overtime.

Press releases

PR is our strong point and with our range of international connections including, journalists, bloggers and influencers, we will get your morsels the attention they deserve.

Online cookbooks

A foodie digital magazine or cookbook can satisfy your online audience’s hunger for information. At Woo, our food writers possess both the industry knowledge and strategic SEO expertise to ensure your content is the cream of the crop.

Editorial content and lifestyle features

Consumer magazines and trade press can be one of the most effective mediums for showcasing your company. So whether you’re looking for some branded content, an advertorial feature about your latest product, or some exciting news from around your business, we have the industry expertise to get your story noticed.

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