Hotel copywriting

Content to write home about

The average traveller will visit more than 20 websites when they’re planning a trip away, so making sure that your hotel grabs their attention is vital.

WooContent offer a team of expert writers who specialise in travel, and have produced content including landing pages and service descriptions for hotels around the world. From luxury boutique getaways in the far east to European city chains, we give you informative copy that answers the questions your guests are online to ask.

Personal, natural copy is the key to selling your hotel, using vivid descriptions and succinct details to bring each venue to life. We believe in crafting great hotel copy, from press releases to product descriptions, that will help you meet your long term goals.

The WOO factor

Your content will be…
• written by industry experts who understand your language
• optimised for people and search (including mobile first and user intent)
• delivered at speed and scale
• multi-lingual if required

Landing pages

Our landing pages are SEO-optimised and packed with relevant, useful information to ensure that you receive maximum bookings.

Descriptions of amenities and services

We know that every hotel has a unique story to share so we will tailor your product descriptions with your customers in mind. Our compelling descriptions will bring your facilities and services to life, giving your customers a unique and informed travel shopping experience.

Evergreen content

Evergreen content allows your brand to re-use, re-share and repurpose valuable content- whether it’s what to pack or where you’ll find the best local landmarks, we work with you to produce a variety of evergreen content that guests can count on.

Blog posts

With your brand style in mind, we will produce interesting and informative blog posts that enhance your credibility and demonstrate your local expertise.

Press releases

Our press releases are award-winning, and with a network of industry influencers and journalists at our fingertips we know how to make sure that your hotel or chain gets the attention it deserves.

Travel guides and itineraries

Providing potential guests with valuable, up-to-date information about the area, or things to do close to your location will help demonstrate your expertise and inspire bookings. We’ll ensure the content we create is engaging and informative and always tailored to suit your audience.

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