IT & Technical copywriting example

IT should make your job easier, not be a job in itself

That’s what we’re here for – at Revolve IT Constultancy, we have years of experience of managing the IT demands of a range of businesses. We want to put that expertise at your disposal while saving you the costs and work of hiring your own in-house support team. We have seen every kind of IT set up over the years, allowing us to bring best practice to a diverse array of businesses and IT environments.

Our services range from occasional tech support to complete overhaul and maintenance of your business’s entire IT infrastructure.

Managed services

If you want the work of maintaining your networks, servers and other infrastructure taken completely out of your hands, we can do that for a flat fee. However, just because the work is out of your hands doesn’t mean the power is. Our approach with our clients is one of collaboration and partnership. We will maintain constant, open channels of communication with your staff, in-house IT and leadership.

If you don’t want to outsource your entire IT department to another company, sometimes there are projects that require specialised expertise. If there is a special project that you need advice on, whether it’s as simple as choosing the technology for a new business, rolling out new servers or introducing new systems worldwide, we’ll be happy to provide recommendations and support.

Whether you are a global corporation or a start-up running out of your home office, we are able to provide support at any level while still offering the highest standard of service. Whatever you need, you’ll find our consultants friendly, professional, knowledgeable and keen to help.

The Help Desk when you need it

It may be that you don’t want somebody else handling your IT. You may just want to know how to call when things go wrong. We can provide you with support when you need it with our full helpdesk service, available to you both remotely and onsite. You can work with us on an ad-hoc basis or we can agree a managed outsource contract to ensure we’re always on stand-by.

Whatever arrangement suits you best you will have access to our friendly and qualified staff who will provide excellent levels of service and the support you need to resolve any IT related issues.

To find out more, drop us an email or call us for a chat.