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No win no fee guarantee

If you’ve been involved in an accident or injured at work the last thing you want is additional hassle. Claiming compensation can be a stressful affair but we aim to ease the process with our thorough ‘no win no fee guarantee’. Our process is designed to getting you back on your feet financially. We aim to minimise the losses you sustain as result of your injury. Regardless of the complexity of your incident we offer a fast and efficient professional service dedicated to getting the right result for YOU.

What we can do for you

• We will listen to you and form a clear picture of your case from the start
• We have a variety of legal professionals on board with decades of experience
• We understand the emotional and physical pain of accidents and work place injuries
• We aim to keep you in the loop regarding your claim every step of the way
• We never charge if your case is unsuccessful
• We are contactable 24/7 via our unique online claims monitoring system

How we operate

Unlike a lot of other ‘no win no fee’ services, we ensure you really will pay nothing, unless you successfully receive a payout as a result of filing your claim with us. What’s even better is that our payment is not sought from you – you will keep 100% of your payment. This is because we seek our costs payment from the other end, making it even easier for you to claim with us.

We will always listen to your story, and do our best to help you, but if we think your case will not be successful, we simply wont take it on. All in all, this helps you, as we wouldn’t want you to receive minimal compensation or incur unnecessary costs as a result of your claim.

Our dedicated team of claims specialists are your first point of contact. They will assess your claim before referring you to the right legal professional who will deal with your particular case.

What we don’t do

We will never, ever, buy up your case from a solicitor or third party seller. This is because we believe that this aggressive approach limits the success of your claim and effect the amount of compensation you may receive. Moreover, it also casts the providers of such services in a bad light, which in the long run will negatively effect you, the claimant.

Contact us

If you feel that you that we can help you settle your claim then please get in touch today.