Multilingual Copywriting

More and more businesses are finding a home in the global marketplace.

Yet for all the opportunities on offer in the online word, there are some distinct challenges for those that operate in multiple countries and regions.

For these brands to succeed, tapping into the language, culture and values of your oversees markets is essential. This is where WooContent can help.


Our aim is to provide copy that will give your users the best possible experience, no matter where they may be based. So, whether you are an online retailer looking to launch an international website, a services business looking to produce a white paper in different languages, or a multinational brand striving for cohesive content, then WooContent can produce innovative multilingual copywriting with both speed and efficiency.

The WOO factor
•    Industry specific content that is tailor-made for you
•    Skilled multi-lingual copywriters and editors
•    Cloud-based technology that’s both transparent and efficient
•    Large projects always delivered on time and on budget
•    Content strategy consultancy dedicated to adding value

Types of content

Some of the popular formats of content that we can produce for you include:

Landing pages

While our landing page copy supports SEO through keyword targeting, we also understand the importance of writing for real users in real situations.

Descriptions of products and services

A great product page delivers relevant facts in a clear, concise manner, while also ensuring that your product and service descriptions suit your target market.

Evergreen content

Our expert writers and linguists produce the best quality evergreen content to help your brand successfully build a long lasting online presence.

Blog posts

The blog posts we produce are written with SEO and social media in mind, and are thoroughly planned to assure that your business gets the most from every word of every post.

Press releases

As an international brand, press releases are a great way to get your message across. If you have something to say, then let us help you say it.

White papers

With a team of knowledgeable multilingual writers working worldwide, we can deliver informative white papers and additional business services such as technical documents and manuals alongside corporate reports and briefs.


To discover more about how WooContent can help you, contact us today.