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The digital age has made it easier than ever for charitable companies to reach people and tell their story. However, this increased scope has also created a new breed of supporter who is both savvy and informed. Therefore if you want people to engage with your organisation, you need to provide them with compelling and memorable content to give real value to your cause.

Our writers are experts in the charity sector and have experience creating powerful, emotive copy that engages readers and drives donations. We understand that charities have a broad range of stakeholders and donors and we will adapt your content so you can be sure that you are delivering the right message to the right people.

From policy reports to webpage copy, persuasive mail-outs to shareable social media, we take your core values and use them to produce gripping content that calls for action across all platforms.

The WOO factor

Your content will be…
• written by industry experts who understand your language
• optimised for people and search (including mobile first and user intent)
• delivered at speed and scale
• multi-lingual if required

Types of content

Some of the popular formats of content that we can produce for you include:

Brand storytelling

Stories are the most powerful form of communication, and as a charity, you’ll want to tell people who you are, how you came into being, and why it matters. We’ll craft your compelling narrative that breathes life into your cause.

Donation pages

A good donation landing page has the potential to influence almost every visitor, yet many charities and not-for-profit organisations overlook this. Our SEO optimised landing pages will outline your funding goals and articulately outline your mission statement.

Editorial features and news

Maybe it’s an update on what’s been happening lately, or an indepth feature on how money is being spent – whatever the nature, our articles are SEO optimised and packed with useful information.

Evergreen content

As a charity you’ll know that building awareness over a sustained period of time is essential. We will help create evergreen content that retains relevance overtime. From ‘How-to’ guides to FAQs, we will give your audience the answers they are looking for.

Impactful press releases

We’ve written award-winning press releases that garnered the attention of both national and international press. Our team of writers know how to write articles that attract media attention to your cause.

Direct mail outs

Don’t let your mail-outs go straight in the recycling. We’ll give you attention-grabbing content that people can’t help but read.

Corporate communications

Annual Reviews and Trustee Reports have a bit of a bad rep, but they are a great way to celebrate your company’s achievements and can be so much more than a dry, unpalatable report that nobody would choose to read. Many charitable brands fall into the trap of producing corporate communications that tick all of the right legal and financial boxes but stray far from their brand identity. Our team of writers will keep your corporate materials fresh and engaging while staying true to the charity’s persona.

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