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As shopping behavior continues to change, staying ahead of the curve is always a challenge if you’re an e-commerce business.

Research suggest that 80% of shoppers conduct thorough research before buying a product. Perhaps more appealingly, 60% of this begins with a search engine. This means that for e-commerce businesses it’s more important than ever to provide quality content that puts your brand head and shoulders above your competitors.

At WooContent, we understand that the key to a successful e-commerce business is getting your goods and services seen. From interactive landing page content to visuals that are shareable across social media, we have the knowledge and experience needed to earn valuable engagement for your business.

The WOO factor

Your content will be…
• Written by industry experts who understand your language
• Optimized for people and search (including mobile first and user intent)
• Delivered at speed and scale
• Multi-lingual if required

Types of content

Some of the popular formats of content that we can produce include:

Product pages and descriptions

At Woo, we know that bland descriptions of your products won’t cut it. That’s why our team of skilled storytellers will artfully create descriptions that help your brand shine and convince browsers that your product is what they need.

Brand and category pages

As an e-commerce business you’ll know it’s not all about driving visitors to your site, it’s about being able to convert them. Our skilled team of writers are on hand to turn your category pages into high-traffic landing pages by creating useful and unique content.

Tips, guides and tutorials

Creating content that doesn’t date not only improves search rankings, but also provides your customers with information that can be revisited again and again. So whether you’re a beauty brand looking to produce helpful tutorials or a technology company searching for the best way to deliver “how-to” guides on your products, our talented pool of writers will help to establish your brand as a leading authority within its field.

Branded blog content

Blog posts help you to build an audience of repeat buyers because they allow you to share your brand story. We have experience in writing high quality blog posts that relate to all sectors of e-commerce, from luxury travel retailers to electronics.

Latest news and press releases

Having achieved both national and international coverage, our award-winning press releases are a cost-effective way to get your e-commerce brand in front of a targeted readership. We work with editors and publishers across the board, and our rapport ensures that your message is always what they want to publicize, whether online or in print.

Video scriptwriting

At Woo we have the expertise to create compelling product videos that not only increase conversions on your website, but also gain valuable traffic from social channels.

Email marketing content

We can help grow your business online with an effective email marketing strategy. At Woo we take the time to understand your business goals to ensure we produce the best targeted content that drives traffic to your key sales pages.

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