Education copywriting

Be top of the class

The education sector often requires a lot of content – resources can be both vast and varied. But that doesn’t mean your copy should be boring.

Whether it’s inspiring prospective students to start imagining themselves on your campus, or letting the wider community know about your great work through blog posts, education sector content needs to be both engaging and informative.

At WooContent, our team of writers are experts at maintaining a single brand voice over a large number of pages that will cast your organisation in the best possible light. Our copy is persuasive and confident, the kind you’ll need to convince parents and students that your institution will be right for them. After all, parents are putting their child’s future in your hands, so they’ll need to trust that you’re the one for the job.

From online prospectuses to blog posts and course descriptions, our writers have wide-ranging experience working with everything from online schools to higher education and education services.

The WOO factor

Your content will be…
• Written by industry experts who understand your language
• Optimized for people and search (including mobile first and user intent)
• Delivered at speed and scale
• Multi-lingual if required

Types of content

Some of the popular formats of content that we can produce for you include:

Web copy

Education is a lifetime investment. We’ll create landing pages that are accurate, detailed and enticing so potential students feel not only safe and secure with their futures in your hands, but eager to get started.

Prospectus copy

We understand that your courses and services are about as diverse as diverse comes – we’re here to detail each clearly and concisely so that your students know what they’re getting and what they can achieve with you.

Evergreen content

Courses come and go, but your goals, values and mission are here to stay. We’ll help you convey exactly who you are and what students can expect from your services.

Blog posts

With real experiences and a focus on what’s new with you, blog posts can help keep your students up-to-date with what’s going on around campus, how they can get involved and how you’re working to offer them a better education.

Press releases

Our award-winning press releases have a proven record of garnering national and international attention. Keep the world informed of your institution’s achievements and new appointments with well-crafted press releases that’ll let everyone know what strides you’re making.

White papers

We know how critical white papers are in the education sector, and we’ll make sure your figures are represented in a manner that’s always accurate and easy to understand.

Video content

Whether it’s a student testimonial, a course showreel or a virtual tour of your campus, our team of skilled writers will help broadcast your expertise through stand-out video content that sets you apart from your competition.

Email marketing content

We can help you create targeted email content that promotes further engagement and nurtures your leads. So whether you’re promoting news and events, delivering information about course information or distributing useful guides for parents and students, we have both the industry copywriting skills and the strategy expertise to ensure your email content is always best in class.

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